Blackjack Surrender: Rules And Strategy

Game developer Playtech created online Blackjack Surrender a few years ago. The success of the game was tremendous since its launch and is that blackjack fans saw in this variant a frenetic as well as exciting way to play classic 21. Discover the rules and strategy of Blackjack Surrender and learn to play one of the most popular games in casinos, whether physical or online.

Late Surrender, The Exception To The Norm

Surrender blackjack has a particularity that makes it special and different from any other variant. The very name of the game gives a more than considerable clue … Surely some of you have already guessed it … «surrender». Yes, what sets it apart from the rest of the games is the ability to give up the hand at the beginning of the game. The act of surrendering is also known as late surrender.

Late surrender is only possible after the initial split of the game. In the event that the player decides to ask for a card, divide the bet by having two equal cards, ask for insurance, surrender is no longer allowed. This action allows the player to recover half of the bet. The possibility of recovering half the bet should only be used when the dealer has a good open card, for example, if the possibility of making blackjack is high, or when the player’s cards are downright bad. It is not recommended to use late surrender as a game strategy.

Basic Data

The rules and strategy of Surrender blackjack are similar to that of the traditional game with a few exceptions. The main objective is to beat the dealer and win the game. To do this, it is necessary to get 21 points or get as close to this score as possible without going overboard. In the case of obtaining 22 points or more, the player or the dealer loses automatically.

Six 52-card decks are used and jokers have no place. The value of the cards is the same as in traditional blackjack. Figures K, Q, J are worth 10 points, the Ace can be worth 1 or eleven points. The rest of the cards have the same value as they mark.

The house edge is low, allowing the player to have a better chance of success. This is perhaps why it is one of the most popular modalities among blackjack fans. The RTP rate is 99.62%.


The player or players receive both cards face up. The player has the possibility to:

  • surrender, and get half the bet;
  • ask for cards, there is no maximum number of cards that can be asked, basically they are those that the player needs to reach 21 points without going over,
  • go through having gotten blackjack, get as close as possible or have passed. Only then will it be the dealer’s turn.

If the player decides to split the bet, for example if he has two 6s, and hits a card, the late surrender option is not allowed. In the event that an Ace was rolled in the dealer’s hand, the player may choose to ask for insurance. This insurance bet option is allowed to protect the player against a hypothetical dealer blackjack.


The rules that govern the dealer’s game are the same as in the traditional game. You cannot plant with 16 points or a lower figure, you will always have to ask for a letter. And he stands if his game points are from 17 to 21. In the event that he gets 22 or more points, he loses automatically. However, it does not mean that your opponent, the player, wins. You will only win if you have not passed.

At the end of the players playing, the dealer is in charge of distributing the winnings.


Payments are made as follows:

  • If the player gets a blackjack it is paid at 3: 2
  • In the event that the player does not get blackjack, but manages to beat the dealer, he pays 1: 1.
  • If the player has requested the insurance option and wins the game, it is also paid 1: 1
  • When the player decides to go late surrender without playing, they will get half of what they have wagered.

Secret advice

It is a mistake to use late surrender as the rule. It is a nefarious strategy that will make you lose without even having chosen to play. Even a potentially losing hand has a real chance of becoming a winning game. The late surrender option, as explained above, should be used in exceptional cases. When the dealer has a high chance of hitting blackjack or when the hand is really bad. Late surrender is not a strategy. Remember that gambling should be entertainment, not a way to make a profit. Play responsibly.

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